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Frustrated with Amazon? It’s a good thing that you have us now!

Whether you already sell on Amazon or not, whether you want to scale internationally or are frustrated with Amazon as a vendor partner, we use our system and experience to bring your brands and products forward on Amazon and ensure sustainable growth of your sales.

We have the solution to all your Amazon problems

Instead of selling your goods to Amazon and giving up control, buy the products directly and ensure optimal placement and efficient off-sales on Amazon. Thus, your brand image is preserved and you benefit from higher margins.

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VAT registration in third countries can be complex, expensive and time-consuming. We take on these steps and sell your products for you on the largest European Amazon marketplaces. This saves time, money and a lot of frustration.

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Building your own team of Amazon experts can be expensive, difficult and time-consuming. Use our professional know-how as a resource for your success and avoid costly mistakes. Our team specializes in all areas around data optimization, marketing and SEO.

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Successfully selling on Amazon is becoming more complex and demanding. We manage the entire sales process for you and take care of all the challenges of  selling, while you are able to focus on your strengths.

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Use our logistics network throughout Europe and store your goods easily with one of our many partners in other European countries. This makes cross-border logistics more efficient and cost-effective.

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With us as your partner, you are at the top of the largest Amazon marketplaces in Europe.

We distribute your products and increase your sales with our data-driven sales strategies, in-house software solutions and data tools, while maintaining your brand conformity. We take care of all the processes.

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We deliver sustainable added value for our partners

The perfume success story from LUXESS on Amazon

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    Which one of the following statements applies to you best? Depending on which statement you choose, we will show you the areas we need to talk about and connect you to our top experts.

    No! We sell your products through our seller account, with which we are also registered for VAT in the respective European third countries. There is no extra effort and no additional costs for you.

    Absolutely! In regular meetings, we present you detailed reports which we generate with our own BI tool. In addition, as our partner, you get access to our tool. This way, you are always up to date and all the figures are transparent for you to see and check.

    Thanks to our efficient processes, we manage to list your fully optimized products on Amazon within 4 weeks and generate the first sales. This saves you valuable time and you will not have to deal with any mistakes, which we have already learned from in the past.

    Basically, we take care of all operational processes from the creation of offers and image content, the setup of all marketing campaigns, the inventory management and all other processes necessary to successfully sell on Amazon.

    For shipping, we use the FBA program. The goods are sent to an Amazon warehouse, from which they get sent directly to the customer after an order is placed. This saves time and resources and allows you to fully focus on selling.

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