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Your Key to Customer Activation on Amazon: Professional Content Marketing

Our Content Marketing Superpower: We understand customer problems and present your suitable (product) solutions on Amazon. Comprehensible, close to everyday life, convincing and emotionally appealing.

Arouse interest


Create emotions

Encourage purchase

Amazon Content Marketing … we love what we do best.

As one of the most reachable sales channels, Amazon is also an essential part of your online marketing mix. For example, did you know that about 65%…


of online shoppers use Amazon as their preferred search engine for product searches?

For the best possible brand presentation and product conversion, all content components must be perfectly implemented, coordinated and integrated into the cross-channel online marketing mix.

With mobile-optimized offer images, meaningful (premium) A+ content, an appealing brand story, SEO-optimized product titles and texts as well as a CI-integrated, clear brand shop, we ensure maximum presence of your brand and products on all Amazon marketplaces.

Your Key to Customer Activation on Amazon: Professional Content Marketing

Our Content Marketing Superpower: We understand customer problems and present your suitable (product) solutions on Amazon. Comprehensible, close to everyday life, convincing and emotionally appealing.

All content elements and their definitions for maximum performance on Amazon:

Mobile-optimized product images & videos

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SEO-optimized product titles & bullet points

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Promotional A+ content (EBC) & brand story

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CI-integrated brand stores

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From the shop screen to the customer’s brain to the shopping cart in high speed

Strong offer images and product videos are THE central element for sales-optimized Amazon product detail pages.

Visual content is the most powerful communicator on Amazon. And the fastest. In fractions of a second, potential buyers decide whether to “click” or “not click”. Every picture has to be perfect.

Perk the customer's interest

Actively create purchase incentives

Evoke emotions

Convey comprehensibly

Ensure brand awareness

Our 8 top criteria for good offer images, with which you are guaranteed to drive up the conversion rate of your products.

What do they have that I don’t have?

Good offer pictures …

… make USPs visible.

… convey emotions.

… are optimized for mobile views (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

… are adapted to the respective marketplace in terms of language and presentation.

… are characterized by consistently applied corporate design.

… also contain video content that increase the customer's interest.

… are available in high-resolution and zoomable quality.

… build trust and reduce purchasing uncertainties.

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More information + more emotions = more reasons for purchase

A+ Content (Standard/ Premium) and Brand Story are important conversion tools for your Amazon product detail pages.

According to Amazon, professionally designed A+ content on the Amazon product detail page can increase the conversion rate by up to 10%.

With emotionally appealing image modules and helpful overviews, we tell the stories of your products. Easy to understand, emotionally appealing and with maximum identification potential for your target group.

Good A+ content can:

increase product understanding through additional information.

show further areas of application.

create even more emotions.

be a powerful cross-selling tool.

strengthen the brand presence on Amazon.

help the customer make a purchase decision.

Following these 5 rules, we turn your “A Plus” into a “100 Points, Excellent”:

Focus on graphic elements - easy to consume and emotionally appealing

Creating extra value through additional information and ideas

Consistent integration of corporate design

Mobile first - also for A+ content

Recognize and use opportunities for cross-selling and presenting further products

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From the high art of enthralling customers AND algorithm

Search engine-optimized Amazon content includes the really important search terms & keywords in product titles, bullet points, product descriptions and backend. For maximum relevance and visibility.

Like Google – only different. Amazon is an e-commerce marketplace and product search engine in one. Thus, it follows its own rules. Anyone who knows these rules has a clear advantage in the fierce competition for the highest visibility.

Amazon search engine optimization means:

Analyze competitors and categories in depth

Identify search terms and keywords that are really relevant

Compose optimal product titles from search terms and relevant product information

Use bullet points, product descriptions and all additional possibilities for keyword placements

Our 5 SEO Top Tips for Successful Amazon Content Marketing:

Amazon is not Google. If you cannot (or do not want to) deal intensively and continuously with the Amazon algorithm A9 yourself, it's a good idea to get help from Amazon experts (... we happen to know some *cough* 😉)

Quality beats quantity - Or in other words: NO to keyword stuffing and keyword density strategies. Since much does not automatically help much.

Know and use the small levers for Google SEO in Amazon content. For example: tag all A+ image modules with relevant keywords and use the metatext fields in your brand store.

Especially for newcomers, comprehensive search engine optimization with all relevant keywords in all detail page areas is an absolute must. Later, the Amazon algorithm – with its comprehensive keyword clouds – largely takes over the categorization of the products.

SEO is so much more than keywords and search terms. The following also have a positive effect on the algorithm: a high number of informative product images in zoomable quality, appealing video content and complete product detail pages (including A+ content and brand story). For instance, by increasing the visitor’s time on the product page and thereby increasing its relevance for the organic ranking.

Create your own brand environment on Amazon

In our own Amazon shop, we present your brand and your assortment, undisturbed by the competition, in our own website structure and your own brand design. For maximum commitment.

65% of online shoppers start their product search directly on Amazon. This makes the E-Commerce giant the first point of contact with a new brand for many potential customers. Your own Amazon brand shop is not just something nice to have, but rather a marketing tool and an important component of your online brand presence.

In your own Amazon Brand Store . . .

... structure your portfolio into suitable categories and subcategories.

... use a variety of image, text and video modules for your individual and creative brand presence.

… you ensure a perfect mobile experience by using special module formats for mobile view.

... make your brand world and your corporate design tangible for your customers.

… you present yourself, your brand and your products undisturbed by competitor placements. a presence in Google searches with suitable meta texts.

Our 3 content favourites for your individual Amazon brand shop:

Feature founder story.

It’s true that people enjoy stories about heroes.
it is also true
that you are the hero of your own brand’s story.
Let us tell your story in your Brand Store, thereby establishing proximity to your target group.

New releases and seasonal highlights

Your brand store is the perfect place to showcase new releases or seasonal highlights. Let`s celebrate your products seasonally! Either on the storefront or on a subpage created specifically for this purpose.

Expressive branding for a strong brand experience

There is no place in the entire Amazon universe that’s better for merciless implementation of your corporate design and communication of your corporate identity than your own store. This is where we make your brand come to life together. Maximum brand recognition guaranteed!

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